hello from the future!

HOLY GUAC! I’m back!

ok I know I know it’s been like two centuries but oh my gawd sorry I changed my phone and I forgot the password lol.

reading all these posts I made back in 2013 makes me think that…. when did it start to go downhill? when did I start to become.. like this? 😦 ugh it’s so depressing. I was such a good kid back then but no wonder cause it was like 5th semester? it was fun! and 2013 was my JAM! cause remember when earlier that year I said I wanted to go to Japan? I wanted to give it a shot again through academic opportunity?

later that year, in late October, my lecturer called me to ask me whether or not I want to go to Japan. for nothing. lol it was such a bizarre and a bit miraculous event I still can’t believe it even after two years later. anyway I wrote it here on my tumblr : http://ultrapopo.tumblr.com/post/100761337208/yakitate-japan

it’s a long post I know lol

oh my. I wanna go back there. or to Korea because currently I have this (still harmless) obsession for asian beauty skincare routine. anyway I digress. why am I rambling? sigh bye.