so manly.

nyelesaiin policy recommendation EPI 13 halaman hanya dalam waktu semalam plus digempur mati lampu. selesainya jam 07:07 a.m. lagi. gak mepet sama sekali wong dikumpulin jam 10. ha! I’M SO HAPPY ALHAMDULILLAH :”)


sidecut skinhead whatever.

guys did you know? I have a sidecut now! wuahahaha!
I cut em on 28May2k13. fufufu. I’ve been wanting this haircut for sososososososo looong! but I decided to jump in just 2 weeks ago.

and guess what? I LOVE IT!
no na ah I’m not regretting anything nor do I trying to comfort myself 😀
I am really really really happy!
like, it’s my best haircut ever!

It shocked everybody ofcourse. my male mates were like WHOA YOU ARE AWESOME PO! LET’S TAKE SOME PICTURE TOGETHER!!! (I was having a Model Conference at Southeast Asia Studies Class sooo yeah we took a LOT of photos!)

so so so so happy. but sshhh don’t tell my parents! XD

sparkling lungs

can’t believe it took 5months for me to realize how much I really love you. but you’ve already seen somebody else. or maybe that’s why I realize or do I realize or am I just being jealous? meh.

nah I’m not gonna hold you back. I love you. I just don’t wanna be with you. may we meet in a completely different fairytale? I guess? whatever. bye.